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 Merchanting Guide

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PostSubject: Merchanting Guide    Merchanting Guide  Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 2:15 pm

There is many many ways to merchant but all you just do to is to remember this phrase: Buy Cheap Sell High
Beginner Merchanting
Beginner Merchanters should start by skilling and getting couple lamps and tomes and start off that.
lets say you now have 10 tomes and 10m lamps
sell all your tomes 12m ea and lamps 8m ea
re buy your stock, you should of had made 200m off selling those
with your 200m you can buy 20 lamps at 5m ea and 10 tomes at 10m ea
making 2x the lamps you just had, keep doing this, it is an efficient way to merch in my opinion

Intermediate Merchanting
Lets say one day you are just running around you see someone selling lets say zerker ring 600m, buy it and resell 800-900m
which is the price and even even over priced a bit, since its in high demand item ppl will buy.
that makes you 200-300M profit right there

Expert Merchanters
At this level you should of had at least 10b + in items and cash
this is the most difficult of the merchanting but is one of the most fast ways to get rich
start just wondering around doing your own things
after a bit someone is bound to sell a zardens lets say for 2.8b
go ahead and buy it, once you have it you can resell it for 3.5B at high price
the trick to this while selling is to not take no for an awnser
if he doesnt go your price leave and keep selling it
most of em come back later and pm u to buy it lol

Will edit more later on...
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PostSubject: Re: Merchanting Guide    Merchanting Guide  Icon_minitimeThu Oct 21, 2010 1:09 am


Really nice guide you got there Zeldow.
I know the guide will help alot of players out Smile

It sure helped me alot xD

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Merchanting Guide
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